Moving Mountains

It’s a grey and rainy Monday afternoon here in England (surprise, surprise!) and for some reason I'm suddenly feeling inspired to share with you my love of mountains- the dramatic peaks and crisp colours, the way they slice into the sky and disappear amongst walls of clouds. That’s not to suggest, though, that I’m an avid mountain climber. In fact the only incident I can recall which included me and a mountain took place in Wales quite a few ago and involved an awful lot of complaining!

So instead of strapping on my rucksack and hiking boots I think I’ll just appreciate the lovely mountainy goodness of the items above, any of which could brighten up a gloomy day. Enjoy!

Clockwise: Print by Alpha Tribe Prints, Earrings by pannikin, Cushions by Hello Sleepywhale, Mug by Asleep from day, Mini sculpture by Sweet Bestiary, Print by Nice Mice For You

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