The Cat Boat

As promised here are some of the images I took whilst visiting the Poezenboot. A rescue home for stray and abandoned cats, it is based on a little boat moored on one of the beautiful canals in Amsterdam (I know, it sounds like something out of a fairytale).

Full of toys, beds and cosy spots to hide in the boat is a haven for felines which, until recently, have had a less than happy life. Most of the cats were very shy and didn't seem to trust people but you could tell they were all very content with their surroundings and with each other. A tiny black cat took a particular liking to me and I spent a lot of time scratching him behind his ears.

There was an outdoor section which was very safe to prevent the cats from falling overboard (!) and they seemed to have a lot of fun teasing the swans which swam up every now and then for a curious peak.

The people working there are doing a fantastic job at caring for the animals, welcoming visitors and keeping everything spotlessly clean. Head on over to their website if you'd like to find out more or make a donation.



I'm back from Amsterdam where Daniel and I had the most amazing time checking out the galleries, boutiques, shops and restaurants.

I probably shouldn't admit to this but the one thing we were most excited about was visiting the 'Poezenboot' which is basically a rescue home for cats...on a boat! If, like me, you love cats then check back soon as I'll be posting plenty of photos in the next few days.


Tattoo your wall

My Tattoo Cat is now available here in lovely crisp print form to decorate your wall.

He's also still available as a tote bag and teatowel, althought they are running out fast so make sure you don't miss out. Everything comes beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving.


Burn Baby Burn

Brand new fashion prints now available, inspired by the eerily beautiful Giles AW12 show.

I actually got to see some of these outfits close up last night at the Toni & Guy Mainstage event and they were amazing, the burning building inspired prints were incredible. I created the bottom two by burning paper and scanning it in to really reflect the print and give it some depth.


Giles, Giles, Giles

How amazing was the Giles SS13 collection? I adore a good print and so was in love with the beautiful white horse design nestled amongst swirling greys that adorned a stunning bubble-shaped gown- beautiful!

Unfortunately I didn't get to be there as I was at the Pam Hogg show but Daniel got some amazing images which you can check out on his site here. The make-up looked very natural with any imperfections covered and a simple pop of the brightest pink on lips and nails, a lovely change from the overly 'done' faces I'd seen at other shows. The shoes were adorable little wedges in pink, grey and, my absolute favourite, canary yellow. Now where can I get a pair??

P.S. The lovely people over at Stella Magazine have done a blog post on my London Fashion Week illustrations (including one of my Giles drawings) if you'd like to take a peak.


Phoebe English SS13

The SS13 Phoebe English show got off to a spooky start with identical twins bursting through metal gates as the music began. If I hadn’t been there for the run-through it would have certainly made me jump!

A simple monotone palette allowed the shape of the garments to lead the way- cutaways, volume and ruching were key- whilst hair was subtly rolled to reflect the curved structure of the clothing.

The collection was rich in concept with a strong focus on design and craftsmanship. Designs spoke of growth and regeneration which was reflected through geometric structures, knitted and bugle beading and injections of blue which represented the presence of tailors chalk. Heavy brass jewellery flowered across necks and ears and decorated mouths in the form of mouthpieces (designed by Reid Peppard).

The whole collection created a strange balance between freedom and constriction, at once being simple and neat, yet raw and intricate.

Will post backstage images soon!