Phoebe English SS13

The SS13 Phoebe English show got off to a spooky start with identical twins bursting through metal gates as the music began. If I hadn’t been there for the run-through it would have certainly made me jump!

A simple monotone palette allowed the shape of the garments to lead the way- cutaways, volume and ruching were key- whilst hair was subtly rolled to reflect the curved structure of the clothing.

The collection was rich in concept with a strong focus on design and craftsmanship. Designs spoke of growth and regeneration which was reflected through geometric structures, knitted and bugle beading and injections of blue which represented the presence of tailors chalk. Heavy brass jewellery flowered across necks and ears and decorated mouths in the form of mouthpieces (designed by Reid Peppard).

The whole collection created a strange balance between freedom and constriction, at once being simple and neat, yet raw and intricate.

Will post backstage images soon!

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