Illustration- Sophie Parker

September...perpetually caught between Summer and Autumn. It is a month of transition and slow but inevitable change. It marks the end of the light and flimsy summer months and hints at something a little darker with a little more substance. Or maybe that’s just my love of layers and knitwear talking!

With the turning of the calendar and the small scattering of yellow leaves that seem to appear overnight, along comes my longing for woolen jumpers and knitted cardigans, scarves with a purpose that is more than simply for aesthetics and shoes that you can really stomp around in. Yet it is not quite Autumn.

The light may have shifted to cooler tones and the breeze has built up quite a kick but the temperature still speaks of t-shirts and the last few days of bare legs. And whilst others are hanging on to these lingering days of warmth and light layers, I’m waiting for the day I can pull on my pink cable knit jumper and patent boots, feel a chill in the air and the crunch of leaves beneath my feet.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore a hot and humid August afternoon, a glass of dewy pimms and a deckchair on the lawn, the ability to wear a strapless dress with the thought of another layer as distant as a foreign land. However, there is something so alluring about Autumn days, perhaps it is a readiness for change, both in the atmosphere and the wardrobe, the thought of cosy evenings and cups of tea that warm you up rather than make you overheat.

So whilst winter warmers are definitely off the cards, I will patiently wait for the evenings to draw in and enjoy the beautiful jewel like hues of the season in t-shirt form rather than wool.

Below are my top picks to carry you through the month in style:

Hair-tie- EmiliaFaith, Shoes- Maries Vintage, Bunting- Heidi Adnum, Bracelet- Pergamondo, Earrings- Flight Path, Top- Minx Shop, Bag- Two and You, Shorts- Moon Circus, Cup- Lenny Mud


  1. Great picks, Sophie. Thank you for including me! The end of your summer - you have my sympathies. From the other side of the world I can report blue skies, balmy evenings and spring blossoms - maybe you should come over for a visit? :)

  2. Great post and beautiful pics! Thanks so much! :)

  3. Love that hair tie! Thanks for including my shoes here :)

  4. Beautifully written..Love your picks :-)