Embroidery- Sophie Parker, Photography- Daniel Sims

When browsing the internet, the sheer quantity of amazingly creative items and products out there is almost daunting! Whether I’m on Etsy, Topshop or a particular designer’s website, I often find myself fashioning wish-lists in my head and imagining these items or garments in my life, trying them on, seeing how they fit. I’m sure you must do the same?

But then I ask myself- Do I need the item? Will it make my life better? Probably not. So what is it that actually makes us take the plunge from longing and admiring to owning?

As with all devotees of design and fashion I own so many lovely bits and pieces, some bought, some borrowed , some collected, that I don’t want to make space for something in my life unless it is particularly special. And nothing attracts me more to an item than the sense that it tells a story. From relatable images to recycled materials, a sense of history to an old-worldly charm, I need to feel that the item ‘speaks’ to me. This is something I try to capture in my own work- a connection to the viewer on an emotional and meaningful level as well as an aesthetic one.

And sometimes an accent of antique lace or an illustration reminiscent of childhood is the perfect antidote to busy days and restless nights. So whilst I’m appreciating the story-telling nature of things, let me share with you the items below. They whisper thoughts of nostalgia, comfort and rose-tinted days gone by which is something I can very readily find a place for in my life!

Necklace- Stavroula, Bag- Star Bags, Pin- That Old Blue House, Rug- Cottage Farm, Brooch- House Jewels, Necklace- Black Star, Necklace- The Whirlwind, Cuff- Ponder and Stitch, Bag- Ocean Swept


  1. Yes indeed items with a story and history are so much more appealing!
    Thank you so much for featuring our weekender in your delightful selection!

  2. Such a lovely collection of bits and pieces, all with a story to tell!

  3. How sweet to show one of my cuffs here! I see some favorites, as well- what a pretty little grouping. Thank you so much!

  4. I agree! Those are the kinds of things I'm attracted to as well. Things with a history, even if you don't know exactly what it was.

    Thanks for featuring my necklace here! :)