Book Launch!

I've been keeping this under wraps but...I have been featured in the brand new art book Illustration Now! Vol. 4 by TASCHEN. It's such a privilege to have my work living amongst the pages of so many accomplished and well-established artists. It still feels rather unreal as only last year Illustration Now! Vol. 3 was on my Christmas list and this year I am in their latest release!

Nothing was confirmed until a month or so ago when a big brown parcel appeared at my door. I ripped it open and was greeted by 2 shiny completmentary copies of the book, courtesy of TASCHEN. Whilst one has been doing the rounds with family and friends, I can't quite bring myself to open the second so for now it is still all wrapped up and pristine, sitting snugly on my shelf.

Featured Illustration: Helping Hand

Featured Illustration: Sweet Dreams

Featured Illustration: Little Vixen

Coincidentally my talented photographer/illustrator boyfriend Daniel was also selected for the book so our work is sitting happily along side each other, it is so strange and amazing seeing both our names on the contents page together.

We are off to the book launch tonight at the Taschen Store in London and it looks set to be a fantastic evening so if you're free then pop along!


  1. Congrats, Sophie! That is AMAZING news. Soak it up :D

  2. Thanks Heidi! It all still feels a little unreal!