The Mystery of Foxes

Curious Little Fox in my Etsy Shop

I remember one morning a couple of years ago I came downstairs only to find a red fox peeping in at me through my kitchen window, its black nose pressed up against the glass leaving small clouds of condensation. I was a little startled to say the least, particularly as my kitchen was on the second floor! How it got up there I have no idea. But that's the thing about foxes, they have mysterious ways.

Some of my favourite foxy finds:


Top to bottom-
Fox Brooch by La Cravatte Du Chien, Fox Cushion by Kush Kush, Fox Original Painting by Cool Ranch Studio, Fox Paper Puppet by Furze Chan, Fox Soft Sculptue by Royal Mint


  1. a gorgeous collection - i am flattered to be a part. thank you sophie!

  2. I love Daphne's work! Lovely post!