E. Tautz AW13

A few of my pics from the E.Tautz AW13 show at London Collections.

Orange definitely seems like it's going to be a hit once Autumn comes around, remember those safety-orange Agi & Sam brogues I posted last week? And, I know I've mentioned it before, but there's something I find surprisingly appealing about those dog jumpers you can see in the fifth image. It's not the pooch factor, I'm much more of a cat person and even so I generally wouldn't wear a feline emblazoned on my front. Perhaps it's the perfect balance of ugly and cute that E.Tautz have accomplished so well, or maybe it's simply those big, round, silly puppy eyes.

Who knows.

Either way, I'm definitely pro-humour when it comes to an otherwise serious-looking jumper. During Autumn and Winter there's only so much sombre black and grey I can take!

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