Pringle of Scotland SS13

Personal illustration

If tattoos aren't your thing look away now! Backstage at the Pringle of Scotland SS13 show, set in The Hospital Club, models took every opportunity to whip their tops off and show off their ink. Roses, eagles and snakes spread literally from head to toe.

The runway, however, was a different story. Pringle’s signature knitwear was paired with clean, relaxed tailoring in keeping with the brands classic yet innovative style. A contemporary monotone palette merged with soft creams and smart navy until breaking out into a burst of unexpected colour. Block shades of burnt orange, sky blue and rusty red breathed life into the show whilst stripes, camouflage and argyle prints wove throughout.

Sportswear juxtaposed the luxury of tradition and heritage creating an incredibly wearable collection that any fella would be happy to wear out and about, tattooed or not.

All images by me.

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