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I had so much fun backstage at the YMC show! Hidden away in the basement of Phonica Records, Soho, The YMC collection was as diverse as it was beautiful. Embracing kimono prints, classic checks and a large helping of leopard print, the designs were at once tailored yet relaxed, bold yet unassuming.

As people munched on citrus and mint salads backstage, incredible attention to detail was paid- boys' nails were perfectly filed, socks were pulled up just so and outfits were tweaked and adjusted right up until the model stepped out onto the runway.

The colour palette was sublime- deep burgundy and forest green nestled unexpectedly amongst pastel shades of lemon and blue lending a playful twist to the classic chambray suits and polo shirts. It was the epitome of carefree holiday dressing, the kind of clothes that were made for stumbling across adventures and lounging around in the sun!

All images by me.

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